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MEERACLE is Leading The Way, names Sharifah Itasha Jamalullai as the new CEO.

MEERACLE would like to congratulate Puan Sharifah Itasha Jamalullai as our newly appointed Chief Executive Officer, effective June 3, 2020.

The exciting news was announced by MEERACLE Chairman himself, YM Raja Mohd Nasrullah Haziq in which he shared that despite the current world issue, 2020 is the best year for MEERACLE to grow far and beyond.

Puan Sharifah Itasha Jamalullai joined MEERACLE in 2019 as Head of Marketing and her vast experience & knowledge, together with her strong and dedicated team would now bring MEERACLE towards its 2020 Vision & Mission.

Together, let’s welcome the new CEO of MEERACLE with high spirit.

Leading The Way


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