Does Meeracle use chemical ingredients in its products?

No. Meeracle products use 100% natural ingredients such as ruby, pearl, diamond gemstones and malachite stone that are known for generations to be special for facial skin and increases facial aura making face looking radiant and youthful.

Is it true that Meeracle products are as effective as quoted in the testimony?

Yes. These testimonies are a collection of feedbacks that Meeracle receives
from its customers affirming that Meeracle products are good and effective.

How long does it take to see the results after using Meeracle products?

AIt generally takes three days after application to see the result. However,
some customers witness changes within just a day.

Are Meeracle products only for females?

Not at all. Men these days have become more exposed to the world of appearance and representation; hence, they do not shy away from beauty products. Meeracle products are also suitable for anyone with facial skin problems regardless of age.

Are Meeracle products suitable for pregnant women?

Yes. There would not be any side effects on pregnant women using Meeracle products.

Meeracle products be used with other brands’ products?

Meeracle products can be used alongside other products as long as the the products are chemical free and use only natural ingredients in their production.

Is it advisable for a customer to switch from beauty products containing chemical ingredients to Meeracle products?

It is advisable to rest the facial skin for a minimum of three days without applying any beauty products. After the three days, one may start using Meeracle products.

What are the market price for Meeracle products?

The market price for the serum is MYR79 per bottle meanwhile for the cleanser is MYR49 per bottle. These prices exclude postage. Postage cost for East Malaysia is MYR8 meanwhile West Malaysia is MYR10.

Are Meeracle products ablution and prayer friendly?

Yes. You may perform your daily prayers while using Meeracle products as there are no prohibited substances in these products.

Where can I get Meeracle products?

Get the products from Meeracle registered Stockists or Agents. You may also purchase Meeracle products from our HQ. Please refer to Meeracle website for list of Agents, Stockists as well as HQ address.