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What is so Special about Meeracle Gemstone Roller?

  • Helps to stimulate circulation to help your facial muscles more relaxed
  • Helps to tone your skin to have that extra lifting effect
  • Natural cooling sensation helps to depuff your skin in the morning

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Meeracle Foundation

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Meeracle Testimonials

“Foundation tu nampak terus meresap, menjadi kulit sebenar.”
“The best thing about MEERACLE Facial Serum ni, dia tak macam other brands sebab brand lain dia datang dalam bentuk minyak, so dia akan jadi sticky. Tapi MEERACLE punya serum dia macam gel texture, so it won’t be sticky at all.”
“Bau dia wangi……dia punya texture pun ringan, smooth. Muka tak rasa melekit ke apa. Kadang-kadang ada serum yang melekit dekat muka, tapi yang ni dia terus serap dekat muka. Best!”


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